30 reasons you are failing as a creator

Here are 30 one-line statements to give you the kick you need. Warning #8 will gather your soul‼️

Being creative is not as easy as most might think. Most creators are figuring it out as they go, which often leads to burnout and unsuccessful results.

How many of these statements are you currently doing?

  1. You spend too much time on the details

  2. You create content because it’s popular

  3. You complete all your steps in one sitting

  4. You only promote your content a few times

  5. You do not know how to repurpose content

  6. You are not sharing content across more than one social media platforms

  7. You only have an Instagram account

  8. Your email ends in @gmail.com

  9. You spend too much time taking pictures

  10. You try and capture everything

  11. You tell the whole story in one post

  12. You do not utilize video

  13. You are not consistently learning

  14. You manually post content 75% of the time

  15. There is no call to action (CTA) in your messaging

  16. People don't know how to get in contact with you besides social media

  17. You are copying other creators and not using their content as inspiration

  18. You are not giving credit when credit is due

  19. You leave comments unanswered

  20. You do not engage with other profiles

  21. You are not studying your competitors

  22. You do not introduce yourself to your audience enough

  23. You handle everything by yourself; you have no help or assistance

  24. Your brand has not evolved

  25. You don't test your content or ask for feedback before sharing or launching

  26. You are not asking for support or for others to share your hard work

  27. You are using the wrong keywords

  28. You don't spend enough time brainstorming

  29. You only share the wins

  30. You are do not subscribe to this newsletter

Questions to answer:

  • What can you commit to this week to change your behaviors?

  • What are you currently doing that you can outsource to others?

  • What are you doing that takes up entirely too much of your time?

  • What is your ideal step one as a creator?

  • What can you do differently today?

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