I built a 100,000+ online community in less than two years and I want to share how you can do it too.

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So what’s included?

Mindset shifts:

  • The mind is the first thing you need to shift when you are building something of your own.

  • Most people begin building an idea without making room first. Preparing your mind to welcome whatever is next is step one, not building your craft. The Network will consistently provide you with mindset challenges to keep your energy on the right track.


  • Strategies are just the beginning.

  • There are thousands of them out there. Most coaches provide one to three different strategies within their framework; The Network consistently provides you with strategy ideas to test and try out. No one finds their strategy from the beginning. They discover it along the way. The Network can help you discover what will take you to the top.


  • Who doesn’t love a good template?

  • We all enjoy something that makes our lives easier. I share some of my favorite templates that I have created myself or purchased and remixed from creatives worldwide. A template isn’t only copy + paste; it’s for you to see how you can make it your own.


  • I have really, really great ideas.

  • There is a reason people ask me for advice, feedback, and to be included in their ideation process. I have more ideas than my brain (and my husband) will allow. I share some of my best ideas to build, design, create something from scratch. You think you know, but you have no idea. Bonus points if you know where that line comes from


  • I am the Productivity Queen.

  • Being productive is a skill you have to work on consistently. Never stop working on your productivity skills. The Network gives the best productivity hacks, tips, tricks, and secrets to getting done more in less time. It takes more than one article, book, or course to work on productivity. It’s time to stop being unproductive.

Ask Me Anything:

  • You will have questions.

  • After spending some time in The Network, you will probably have some specific questions for me; and I will have some specific answers. Once a quarter, I will host ask me anything days in a virtual co-working space. I understand that sometimes, you have to ask the question verbally.

What time of learning should you expect?

Here is the breakdown:

70% will be delivered via newsletter form. Some emails will have external attachments for download to further your learning journey.

20% will be delivered via podcast

10% will be video. This includes password-protected video teachings and audible presentations.

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