7 pages of web copy you need for your business

Does your brand or business have all the necessary copy needed to be successful? Here are some pointers to get you started + examples.

There is not a business alive that can thrive or survive without the right web copy. Web copy ≠ web content.

Let’s define both.

Web copy is:

  • core text that tells a story to visitors of your website, informing them of everything they need to know about the brand, product, or website.

  • text that is created to sell.

  • your home, about, sales, contact, or product page(s).

  • used to engage visitors.

Web content is:

  • blog post

  • product descriptions

  • social media

  • videos

  • podcast

Web content is used for marketing your business. It’s used to attract new customers. Over time web content is used to build trust and reliability with customers.


Most people focus solely on web content, thinking this one-size-fits-all approach will create customers; it cannot do it alone.

Web copy is needed to tell your ENTIRE story. People buy stories, not results. What is your story telling?

Here are the 7 essential web copy pages every business needs.

About me — Have 2-3 versions of your about me page.

  • Long-form on your personal website that takes people through your entire professional journey. Think who, what, when, and why.

  • Condensed version (5-7 sentences) can be used as a footer on specific pages on your personal website or included in digital downloads you might offer.

  • The third is optional. Have a version that is ready to go (with minor edits) when you need to email your extended bio over to a potential client or media outlet.


Bio — Have 2-3 versions. 

Your bio and about me page are different. A bio is a truncated version of your about me optimized for social media and website use.

Similar to your about me page, you should have 2-3 versions.

  • Social media — how can you sum up what you do in 150 characters?

  • Freebies — bio can be included in your digital downloadable products.

  • For others — as your brand grows, you will be asked to provide a bio to other creatives, businesses, entrepreneurs, etc., when you are collaborating on a project. Sending them a full bio is a best practice, but an even better tip is to provide them with a second, more condensed option as well.

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About the business/brand 

What is your business or brand about? Tell the story of how and why everything came about. Walk people through the journey.

About the business ≠ About me.

About the business is about the business and not about you unless you are the product.

Include this in your brand story:

  • When/How brand began

  • Your product(s)

  • Why is your brand unique


The Why

Why did you start that t-shirt businesses?

Why did you begin health & wellness coaching?

Why are you blogging about book recommendations?

Your why is a part of your story and the brand, but it is also its own lane. Tell your audience why you are taking up space in this particular industry. Use feelings and emotions in this area. Talk about the problems or challenges you have solved since beginning this journey.


The How

What is your process?

How does X get to Y?

When explaining your idea, business, or brand, how do you do this? Are your products made with love in the USA, or do you invest in providing business opportunities in underdeveloped countries outside America?

Think about WHY is this your process? Is there a certain reason YOU do things differently than others?

Your how explains your process.

The how does not have to be paragraphs long. Some might have a few lines, while others’ process might take an entire page.



This is a given, but most people do this part wrong. The contact page needs more than empty text fields for a name, email address, and a generic message. Get specific. Be targeted.

Here is a great example of a contact page.

If these questions were not specifically named on the contact page, would you have willingly shared that information?

Please note, the above example will not work for every business. If you have a tangible product for sale, maybe your contact page asks these questions:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Location

  • Social Media Handle

  • How did you hear about us?

  • What can I help you with today?

  • Have a product question or request? Please be detailed as possible.

I love including the location question. This gives you insight into where customers are, which can help target marketing at a later date.


Sales page (service providers only) 

A sales page is a standalone page created with one specific purpose in mind, to secure sales for your product. The product or service you’re selling on your page can differ depending on your industry or niche. However, the purpose of your sales page remains constant – getting visitors to convert into customers.

Think of a sales page as one long scroll [sales pitch] for the entire service you offer. It would include:

  • eye-catching headline

  • descriptive copy, broken down into bite-sized content

  • call-to-action [sign up] strategically placed throughout

  • a freebie or lead magnet

  • high-quality imagery or graphics of offering

  • testimonials, client logos, endorsements, disclaimers

  • about me

A sales page isn’t for everyone, but if your offering:

  • is expensive

  • requires a monthly commitment or long-term commitment

  • requires a customer to follow a specific process to achieve a result

a sales page is needed.

Now we’ve established the seven pages of copy we need to create; the next question is how and where do we use these?

Everything can be used in three main areas: Website, Social Media, Lead Magnet.

Final tips:

Write out all of your copy in a notebook first, don’t start this process by typing. Start with bullets for each category. Name your main points first, then work to fill in the gaps by creating sentences and paragraphs.

Every section does not have to be its own page on your website. You can combine about the brand, your why, and how. Make sure it flows.

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Happy writing friends!