5 ways to change the way you think. Do this, and you will be successful in anything

It's all about the SUGAR 🍭 baby. Ok not a literal sugar-baby. It's an acronym.

Self-starter Unique Generous Ambition Risk-taking = SUGAR

I just made that shit up.

But seriously, I wrote those five words down simultaneously. After the fact, I discovered it spelled a word, sugar. Everything is better when it's sweet, right? Or are you a salty person?


Having a sugar mindset will equip you with all the tools you need to succeed in anything you do. Let's break each word down.


If you cannot pull yourself out of your bed to work on your craft, then this is problem #1. Successful people can hold themselves accountable, no matter how tired, busy, overwhelmed, or overworked they are. Sometimes we do this to an unhealthy degree, but there are times when you need to let it go and have a respite.

Being a self-starter is about creating space for you to freely work on the things you need to do without having someone tell you what to do. You can't have someone hold your hand throughout your entire career or entrepreneurship journey. You have to figure things out for yourself.

Being a self-starter doesn't mean you cannot ask for help; it means you know when to ask for help.


There is a business out there for pretty much everything. Of course, some untapped markets are still left out there, but if you are seeking to be in the blogger, writer, or influencer world, it's pretty full, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for you or your talents.

What is unique about your craft or business idea?

To make it in this industry, you have to be good at doing the same thing everyone else is doing, but differently. Let's take The Private Influencer Network, for example. I am building a business around what I've learned while growing my Instagram account to 100K+ in less than two-years.

  • This is not anything new

  • Other people do this

  • I will not be the last

So what makes my way unique?

  • I am building a subscription-based business solely based on blog posts, emails, and occasional video + audio content

  • I am using a non-traditional platform to host my content [Substack]

  • I am an influencer who grew a community using other people's content

  • I curse, and my content is not traditional or cookie cutter

This is how I am different than the rest. Similar offerings, different style + delivery.


You have to be generous with your craft if you are going to grow. This means free content and resources until you've proven that you are worth being paid, because yes, you are worth being paid! But do they know that yet?

You also will have to be generous with your time, especially in the beginning. You will spend late nights, early mornings, and extended breaks working on your craft. If you believe in it as much as you say you do, you will be willing to do the work.

Not everyone can have a 5 or 6 figure launch the first time around. Is it possible? Of course, it is, but is it in everyone’s cards? Absolutely not.

Answer this question - What are you willing to give away for free?

Once you figure that out, make that freebie the best damn freebie ever. You better leave cliff hangers after cliff hangers in that freebie. You want them to convert into a paying customer, right eventually? Well, be generous!


Ambition is the strong desire to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

🗣 ALEXA, play Ambition by Wale.

If you do not have ambition, hang up the phone. It's over.

Ambition is tough to teach. It is usually naturally developed over time due to some personal life experience that you have had.

Whether it's you watching a parent or family member work extremely hard to hit a goal, or you have this burning desire to do more.

You've got to have ambition. There is no way around it. Ambition looks like figuring out every possible way to make fetch happen. It’s you watching an exorbitant amount of YouTube videos until you find the one thing that clicks.

Like the lyrics of the song says, "It's easier to dream a dream, though it's harder to live." Ambition takes effort, determination, sacrifice, and more.

What's your ambition like?


Life is about risks.

How many risks are you willing to take to design the life you desire to live?

Did you feel the last part of that question in your spirit? ...to design the life you desire to live.

Seriously, how many risks are you willing to take? You have to take risks with your time, energy, and even finances if you build something from the bottom up. Nothing can be built for free.

Time = Money. Energy = Money. Money = Money. All of it costs. So what are you going doing to do about it?

I spent well over $3500 my first year running an Instagram account that generated no money. I was setting myself up for what was to come in the future. I was able to recoup this and more within months of having a solid strategy + plan. But the reward did not come without the investment.

You often can't see your investment play out immediately, but if you stick to your program and believe, you will see the results.

So what risks are you willing to take with your time, energy, and money?

Subscribe. It might be the first risk you need to take to invest in yourself, long-term.