Don't fall into the trap call the comparison game

It's the final week of my user-generated content strategy series. Learn how to attract paid partnerships and how to move your brand beyond Instagram into a shop, blog, podcast and more!

We made it to the final week of the user-generated content series. I have enjoyed sharing my brain with you. To wrap up this series, I have shared what you need to do to attract and become attractive to companies so they will pay you to advertise their products and services.

Becoming a paid influencer looks different for everyone. Still, one thing stays the same; you have to put the work in and begin to present yourself to your current audience (no matter the size) as a person who knows how to cultivate a community. The secret is, you already do this daily with your best friends, in group chats, and probably on social media. Now it’s about narrowing your lane and becoming consistent.

For part 5, I recorded a podcast to explain how to get paid partnerships. It’s my very first solo recording, so bear with me. But the message still lands the same, and what I speak on works. Take a listen!

Part 5: How to Get Paid Partnerships


Part 6 wraps everything up. If you’ve followed the course, in time, you will be ready to pivot to your next corner of the internet. Instagram is an amazing playfield to grow an audience and generate buzz, but you need to open up your reach once that happens.

I share how to start a website, blog, shop, email list, podcast, and YouTube channel that connects back to your user-generated themed account or your current brand/business.

Every successful business started with an idea, dedication, hustle, and a lot of tender loving care. It’s time to go to work!

Part 6: Moving your brand beyond Instagram

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