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How to use bookmarks to organize your Instagram life, steps to an effective blog post, and a much needed respite.

Happy Learning Friday Friend 🎉

Here are today’s lessons…

How to use Bookmarks on Instagram

Bookmarking [saving post] on Instagram is not only for remembering to visit content you want to save, but it can help you never run out of ideas. Learn my bookmarking secret to success. Your Instagram organization life will thank you later.

7 steps to an effective blog post

Blogging will always outlast any social media platform. Just because it is not the most popular medium of social communication does not mean you should not be invested in effective blogging practices. Your blog views are probably down because you are missing essential steps in the planning process.

Check out these seven steps before you sit down to pen your next groundbreaking blog post.

Have a beautiful weekend friend. As a heads up, I am taking next Friday OFF! Yes, that means NO NEW LEARNING next Friday. There is plenty of reads, listens, and watches for you to catch up on next week. But to keep my consistent creative flow going, sis needs a break every so often.

Thank you for allowing me the space to recharge and get back to it. Try it out sometimes. Your body, mind, and soul will always thank you.