A pivot season happens whenever you want it to

Redefining yourself and your brand happens when it wants to happen. Keep making strategic pivots.


I made another pivot, and guess what, that is OK.

How comfortable are you with pivots? What about public pivots?

This was a public pivot I just made. I scrapped my previous learning website because it made me work a little harder than I wanted to, lol.

So now, here we are.

Today’s learning

Instagram 101

When’s the last time you updated your bio? Do you change it often? Does it explain the experience your audience will get if they follow or stumble across your feed?

Whether your a newbie on IG, triple OG, or just hella confused about what to put in your bio, this will help you. Trust me, OK.

Instagram Basics ⏤ Build a stellar profile that works

Goal setting

Most people like to set SMART goals, but do those smart goals help you trend?

I love a good smart goal, but I learned that you have to set a TREND goal to set such a goal. This doesn’t mean learn how to go viral because viral moments are temporary. A trend means you are setting the tone to go the distance.

Think about the trends that have been lasting for decades; that is what you want.

Time to level up. Learn how to set a trend goal.

How-to Set a TREND Goal 💥

April Content Planning

It’s not too late to plan for April content. Yes, planning in advance is helpful, but don’t let that deter you. Planning today for content today is OK, don’t make it a habit, but it’s cool every so often.

I previously shared this, but it was horribly executed; I apologize for that. I didn’t provide any guidance or examples. Here is the 2.0 version of April’s National Holidays. I provide examples of how to talk about these holidays without sounds corny.

April National Holidays ⏤ Let's create some content 🗓

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Happy learning! Thanks for taking this journey with me.