May National Holidays ⏤ Let's create some content 🗓

Let me show you how these random days can connect to your brand. It's in the storytelling. Time to get good at it.

It’s time to plan content for May! Here are some random national holidays that can connect to any brand.

Let’s start with the holidays that are all month long.

May National Holidays

  • National Mental Health Awareness Month

  • Older Americans Month

  • National Barbecue Month

  • National Bike Month

  • National Hamburger Month

  • National Inventors Month

  • National Mediterranean Diet Month

  • National Photography Month

  • National Recommitment Month

  • National Salad Month

  • National Salsa Month

  • National Strawberry Month

  • Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

  • National Moving Month

Let’s get into some examples of how to use these.

Want to celebrate National Salsa Month?

Don’t: Take a picture of you and your favorite jar of salsa or at your favorite Mexican restaurant and hashtag #nationalsalsamonth on Cinco de Mayo.

Instead: Have you been working extremely hard on a project or goal and been extremely focused? Share that you reward yourself with a trip to your favorite restaurant because their salsa is the best you’ve ever tasted. Or maybe there is a local brand that you’ve been waiting to try. Is salsa your go-to snack when binge-watching the latest Netflix craze?

Do you see what is happening here? The post is not about National Salsa Month, but it’s about something you are working on, a goal, project, business, etc., and you include this tasty snack into your story. Not a salsa fan? You can choose from strawberries, hamburgers, salad, or BBQ during May. Get creative and have fun with it.

Ok, one more example.

Want to celebrate National Moving Month, but not moving?

Don’t: Share a #tbt pic of your last move and hashtag the national day up.

Instead: Tell a story about how moving from your hometown has helped you grow as a person. Reflect on when one of your closest friends (or business partner) moved away and how that impacted your relationship or tips on how you kept the relationship (and business going).

Connect a story to the national holiday; it’s not the other way around.


Now let’s look at May’s National Days.

May National Days

I made a calendar for you this time. I ran out of boxes at the end, so bear with the 30th & 31st, lol.

May had some very interesting national celebration days; these are the holidays I think can connect to someone’s brand, business, theme, idea, blog, etc. I did leave a ton of national holidays on the table.

If you are interested in World Metrology Day, Frog Jumping Day, or even some of the health awareness days like MS Day or Emergency Medical Services for Childen Day, you are going to have to search for them on your own. I tried to mix in as much as I could.


Let’s get into some examples.

Want to celebrate National Lemonade Day?

Don’t: Share a picture of you out in the summer heat with a tall glass of lemonade with your socially conscious metal straw with the hashtag. Ok, actually, this is not a bad idea as long as it connects to your brand. What story could you tell from this? Think about it.

Instead: You know I was going to go here.

Of course, I would recommend celebrating Queen Bey. She also could be celebrated on World Bee Day. It’s wordplay, baby. Wordplay!

Let me get serious again.

National Lemonade Day isn’t only about one of the most refreshing fresh-squeezed drinks out there. It can be about how you took lemons and made lemonade. Hence the Beyoncé reference.

Is there a time in your business or life that you made the best out of what you had? Can this story connect back to your brand? Or is your message about overcoming obstacles to be the best version you can truly be? It sounds like a fun way to celebrate National Lemonade Day.

Another example. Let’s try a hard one.

What to celebrate National Paperclip Day?

Do you even know what to do with this day? I looked at it at first and thought, how can you pull a story out of this.

My first thought was to highlight small businesses that design beautiful paperclips. I actually have a few from Etsy myself. A great idea if you highlight small businesses as part of your content strategy.

But then I thought about these ideas:

  • Working from home or a new remote employee? Do you see a difference in the amount of paper that comes across your desk? Did your business go digital recently? No need for paperclips anymore.

  • What do you use for a bookmark when reading? Some people actually use paperclips as placeholders.

  • Crafty much? Paperclip jewelry was a total thing of the 80s/90s.

Ok, these are REACHING! Right, but the point I am trying to make here is that there is a story out there for everyone. You don’t have to create content for this random ass day, but there is someone out there making tiny hangers earrings out of paperclips and selling them on TikTok.

One more exercise. Let’s connect a business to some of these random holidays as marketing tactics.

I’ll choose a candle company. Time to pretend you own a candle company.


How to connect National Holidays to your Candle Making Business

National BBQ Month

  • Make a candle that repels insects? Great to tell folks why they need your product before their next backyard jam.

National Photography Month

  • Take your candle on the road and take product pictures of it in aesthetically pleasing environments.

National Mental Health Awareness Month

  • Make scents that calm the mind? Relieve Stress? This is all about taking care of your mental health!

May 4: National Orange Juice Day

  • Have a brunch-inspired candle? What is brunch without a mimosa or two?

May 20: Be a Millionaire Day

  • Share why you started your candle business and manifest your business to take you into financial freedom. Share images of your candle in a luxurious way. Create a candle called Rich Behavior. I love a good candle name.

May 28: Roadtrip Day

  • Have smaller size candles available? Share how they are easy to back for your next road trip.

  • If you have products for sale, you should never travel without at least one of them. Take pictures of your product in different locations, states, and environments and create a video reel of your traveling product. People buy products because the content and marketing are top tier!

Final notes:

  • You don’t have to recognize all or even the majority of the national holidays. 1-2 per month gives your content a good refresh.

  • Think of wordplay, and you can always be on the opposing view of something. Don’t like Apple Pie on Apple Pie day, share your favorite pie + recipe if you are a food blogger or center your brand around food.

  • Dig in the crates for content you’ve used in the years past to help you tell a story. Storytelling doesn’t always require a fresh picture. You can use something from years ago as long as it is still on-brand.

Happy Content Planning!