23 things I've learned curating an Instagram with 100,000+ followers

Here's a brain-dump of one-liners that I've learned over the past two years. Maybe you will find a 💎 or two.

  1. Engagement tanks once you exceed 99,999 followers

  2. I should have stopped using the #BlackWifeLife hashtag once I hit 50,000

  3. Including videos on the feed does wonders for engagement

  4. When I don't respond and clean out, my DM's engagement goes down

  5. Every comment needs a response or like

  6. I don't have to clap back when arguments happen in my comments; delete

  7. I have two kinds of followers, story watchers and feed likers

  8. I have to clean up my follower’s list to remove spammers, often (damn you forex traders)

  9. Pay attention to who bookmarks my content; they are saving it for a reason

  10. Update my bio, even if its small tweaks, like changes in emojis at least once a quarter 🤯

  11. Reels are a great alternative for a slide show of pictures over music

  12. IG stories are my favorite

  13. Follow new people at least once a month; pick from people who comment on my feed

  14. Listen to what people are asking for in DMs and comments

  15. Always look to see who is sharing my content to their story, and send them a thank you

  16. Ask "why" when people tell you they love your Instagram (you will learn a lot)

  17. Sometimes your timeline needs a break from you, even if they absolutely adore you and your content

  18. People love other peoples pictures

  19. A photo is nothing without a good caption

  20. The general tab in direct messages is a great way to separate DMs

  21. Bookmark your own images

  22. Reels don't have to be shared to your feed to show up on your profile and get engagement

  23. Even if the account is not about you, people still want to know about the person behind the brand.

Did a light bulb click as you read this list? I've had so many ah-ha's since starting the BlackWifeLife community; I wanted to share some of the things you might want to think about as you build your audience and brand.

I am thinking about turning each one-liner into a mini-blog post with some of my favorite tips and tricks for my subscribers. What do you think? 🤔