June National Holidays 🗓

Celebrate National Social Media Day or Black Music Appreciation Month. Either way, there is ton of content ideas here to fill your entire calendar for June.

Need some content for June? Here is an array of topics you can talk about for June.

Month National Holiday Examples

Black Music Appreciate Month

  • Create a carousel post of your favorite songs by Black artists that get you into your hustle mode.

  • Create a reel and select a song from a Black artist. The reel can be about anything, but make sure you tell a quick story on why you selected this particular song.

National Great Outdoors Month

  • Take your home office outside and snap a selfie or show your WFH view for the day.

  • Search for some great user-generated scenery content to share.

National Homeownership Month

  • Share some of your favorite household items and hacks.

  • Do a before and after of a part of your home you’ve decorated the hell out of!

Because these are monthly holidays, you can share content all month long or sprinkle it in throughout the month. Don’t pile it all in at once or back to back. Spread out your content creation or curation of these national months.

National Day Holiday Examples

June 2: National Leave the Office Early Day

  • Take the afternoon off and go do something you absolutely love. Share a few moments with your community via IG stories.

June 8: National Best Friends Day

  • Highlight your besties in a carousel post, tell the world why you love them!

  • Share a #tbt from your last girl-gang trip

  • Do you have friends who push you to reach your goals? Share this story!

June 18: National Splurge Day

  • Did you make a major purchase that makes your productivity a million times better? Share it!

  • What is the next thing you are going to splurge on? Share it.

  • Why some should splurge a little and invest in your products & services.

June 30: National Social Media Day & Out of the Door Day (OOTD)

  • Everyone should be active and live on IG this day. Even if you just post something, it’s considered “social media”, lol. Don’t miss an opportunity to get some great engagement

Let’s talk #hashtags for National Holidays.

If you are using national holidays and months to help you generate content, make sure you include hashtags. Don’t just use #PrideMonth or #RoseDay, think in between the lines and create additional hashtags.

Here are some examples:

National DJ Month — #djmonth #nationaldjmonth #spinrecords #musicappreciation #djplaymyfavoritesong

National Doughnut Day — #donutday #doughnutday #krispykreme #glazeddoughnuts #donutholes

National Hydration Day — #drinkyourwater #stayhydrated #drinkwater #h2olife #hydraytioniskey #hydrationnation

National Sunglasses Day — #sunglassesstyle #sunglassesaddict #sunglassesoftheday #sunglassesseason


That’s all folks! It’s time to get the content creation going.