July National Holidays 🗓

50+ ideas to help you create content for the month of July + hashtag help!

Need some content for July? Here is an array of topics you can create content for!

Month National Holiday Examples

Independent Retailer Month

  • Tell a story about starting your own retail shop. It doesn’t matter if it’s a brick-and-mortar or an online store, the story matters. Share the highs and lows of running your own retail business. Share images of how you started and how it’s going right now. This trend is still a social media favorite.

  • Don’t own a shop? Highlight some of your favorite independent retailers that you have purchased from. Create a reel of you in their looks or showcasing the products you’ve purchased from them.

National Picnic Month

  • Plan a day this month for a picnic outdoors for one or many. Grab your favorite outdoor blanket, beverages, and snacks and enjoy the summer sunshine. Use your picnic backdrop as a way to talk about something new and exciting that is coming soon. Or maybe this is your version of a staycation, right in your backyard.

National Culinary Arts Month

  • Are you an inspiring chef? Do you create magnificent creations in the kitchen? Share your favorite recipes you’ve created or ones that have inspired your favorite dishes.

National Ice Cream Month

  • Plan a date with your bestie or boo and grab some ice cream. Try a new spot you’ve never been to before. Take creative pictures of your cone or cup or a selfie of you + your ice cream date will always be great content to share.

Remember: These are monthly holidays. You can share content all month long or sprinkle it in throughout the month. Don’t post similar content back to back. Instead, spread out your content creation or curation of these national months.

National Day Examples

July 1: International Reggae Day

  • Do you have a love for reggae music? Share your favorite vibes in an IG story, or use your favorite reggae track over your latest IG Reel. Make sure you check @BlackWifeLife IG stories or TheBlackWifeLife.com on July 1 for a 🔥 90s inspired reggae playlist.

July 5: Bikini Day

  • Planning a summer vacay? Show off your latest two-piece looks in an IG reel or carousel post.

  • Have you accomplished a fitness goal? Show off your progress in your latest bikini. #beforeandafter style

July 12: Simplicity Day

  • What have you simplified in your life? Are there life hacks that make your days end sooner or easier? What about around your home? What have you simplified or minimized to create additional space or more practical?

July 15: Get to know your Customers Day

  • This one should be EASY! Host a #AskMeAnything on IG Live or use the questions stick on IG stories to answer questions from your customers.

  • Post customer reviews in a fun and creative way or share content created by your customers.

July 22: Intern Day (falls on #tbt)

  • Did you have an internship that has helped you get to where you are today? Share the story and some awesome #tbt from when you were an intern.

  • Have you hired an intern before? Share why this person is such an essential part of your business/company. Seeking an intern? Today is a great day to make the announcement.

July 24: Cousins Day

  • Don’t have siblings, but have amazing cousins? Share your love for them and recap some of your favorite moments in a carousel or IG reel.

July 26: Aunt & Uncles Day

  • Calling all Rich Aunties and Uncles, today is YOUR DAY! Great some bomb AF content and tell ‘em why you bad boo. 😉

#hashtags for July’s National Holidays

Don’t just use #NationalPeachMonth on your content; you have 30 different ways to tell your story. Remember hashtags help bring eyes to your content. Use them the right way and watch the engagement soar.

National Grilling Month — #[food you grilled] #[sides that go with what you grilled] #[where you grilled at], #chefbae #grillyourwaytomyheart #grillmaster #girlswhogrill #grillmebaby

Kissing Day — #smooches #kissmebaby #loveyourkisses #sloppykisses #xoxo #hugsandkisses #kisskiss

French Fry Day — #[where you got your fries from] #[french fry brand] #homemadefrenchfries #frenchfrylife

Tequila Day — #[tequila brand(s)] #tequilaismyfavorite #tequilalife #tequilababe #drinktequila

Lipstick Day — #[fav lipstick brands] #[lipstick color] #lippielife #lipstickbabe #favoritelipstick #lipsticklife

Final Tips:

  • Remember to include hashtags that point to other elements in your image. For example, if you are wearing a pink outfit, use hashtags that highlight that [#pinktwopieceoutfit #pinkdress].

  • Maybe you took an image in the city or at a specific location, hashtag the city, business and don’t forget to add the location.

  • Example your photo/video/reel and think, what keywords would someone use to find this image? Then, use those words to create the hashtags.

That’s all folks! It’s time to get the content creation going.