Caption Templates to Boost Engagement

A seven-part, four-week series that will include over 50+ caption templates.

Welcome to another Private Influencer content series. This time we are focusing on building engagement through your Instagram captions.

Research has already shown us that longer captions shared on IG help boost your engagement. Of course, not every caption has to use all 2,200 characters, but you should provide various lengths when producing content weekly.

Before we begin, make sure you read What's in a great Instagram Caption? to help level set this series.

Throughout this seven-part, four-week series, I will share caption templates that will help you:

  • Build connections through challenges

  • Create meaningful calls to actions (CTAs)

  • Tell beautiful stories from the past, present, and future

  • Build authority as a subject matter expert

  • Generate customers that convert

  • Increase engagement in the comments

  • Establish relatability and trust

Are we ready? Let’s get started with building connections through everyday life challenges.

Your first learning is right here!