How-to Set a TREND Goal 💥

SMART goals are great, but do they help you trend? These will!

Most people set SMART Goals.

Smart. Measurable. Achievable (Attainable). Relevant. Time-bound.

But SMART goals do not always = success.

Growing your social brand does not mean you need to create content that goes viral.

Most viral posts are dead by the next post. I've seen people trying to recreate their 15 seconds of online fame countless times, and it (usually) never works.

Instead of trying to go viral, work to become a TREND instead.

Let's define what TREND means first.


What is your lane? Why do people seek you out? What do you talk about?

These are questions related to your topic. You have to understand what your topic is before figuring out how to become a trend.

Other questions to ask yourself when discovering your topic:

  • What do my friends always ask me about?

  • What do I find myself getting lost in?

  • What do I see online, that if I was to do it, I could do it better?

  • What can I do without thinking twice?

  • What can I do without much research?


There is a reason for everything, so what is yours? There has to be a reason you show up on your desired social platform of choice. So what is it?

Your reason is also part of your WHY statement. Do you have one of these?

Maybe your reason is that you are tired of seeing people do something wrong. Or it's because you were given misinformation countless times. It could also be you concocted something up in your kitchen that your friends love, and now you are selling it. There is a reason behind everything you do — what is it?


How did you get to this point? Why are you here, reading about how to set a trend goal?

You've got to have some experience with something. I hope you are not creating a business for yourself that you have not tested out because that would be...umm...not smart.

Experience sells, not just your experience, but the experience you give to others. So think of E in trend in two ways, your experience and the experience you are giving others with your content or work.

When talking about your experience, get very detailed. People love the details; they get lost in the details, and the details matter.

  • How did you get this experience? Self-taught or learned skill?

  • How has your experience been with your experience? I hope that makes sense; if not, reread it slowly.

  • How do you use your experience?

Now, think about the experience you want to give others when they interact with you.

For example, I want my subscribers to have an awesome time reading and watching my content. I want them to laugh and feel like the words are coming to life as they read them. Do you feel that way reading my content?

So what experience do you want to give?

  • How do you want people to feel watching, reading, or listening to you? How can you bring that emotion or feeling out of them?

  • What is something specific you can give your audience that no one else can give?

  • Are you giving them too much of what everyone else is giving them?


There has to be a need for you to become a trend. The need is always there. Sometimes it’s right in front of your face; other times, you have to create that need.

  • Businesses and influencers need a social media manager if they are going to take their business to the next level.

  • Marketers need to keep learning new skills and ways to get in front of different clients.

  • Coaches need to learn new messaging strategies to stay competitive.

There is a need for pretty much anything, but you have to show people why they need it.

How will you do that?

  • Can you create demand for your product or service?

  • What can you share about your offerings or expertise that will make people think they need to get it from you?

  • How often are you talking about why someone needs your support, help, or service?

Your business will never flourish if there is no need for it. You don't need everyone to need what you can offer; you only need a few.


To trend, you have to be discoverable, right? So how can you do that? By showing up and showing out!

Becoming a trend doesn't mean posting a few times a week on one platform or sharing your why once a month. Getting seen (discovered) by others means you are relentless with how you show and share.

Here is the lifespan of social media content:

  • Twitter — 18 minutes

  • Instagram — 48 hours, with most of your engagement coming within the first 12 hours

  • Snapchat — 24 hours, but then gone forever

  • Facebook — 5 hours, with most engagement happening within the first 2.5 hours

  • TikTok — 24 hours [not enough data just yet on this social giant]

  • YouTube — 20+ days

  • Pinterest — 1 year or more for high-quality content

  • Blog Post — 2 years

Social media discovery can be immediate, or it can take time. Trending isn't about quick gratification; it's about creating something that is a lasting trend. To do that, you must spend time understanding your topic, reason, experience, (their) need so that you can get discovered. It works together.

How often should you post?

Your goal should be consistency and not frequency! Here’s the difference:

Frequency looks like this:

  • I am going to post every day this week

  • I am doing a 30-day posting challenge

Consistency looks like this:

  • Every Friday I am going to share insight about my journey, #flashbackfriday style

  • With each post I make, I will make sure there is a CTA included at the end

  • Every in-feed post needs to be shared on my IG stories

Do you see the difference? One talks about the number of times you are doing to do something, and the other puts a plan behind what you are doing. Think about being consistent with your content and messaging. If you say you are going to do it, then do it. But don't do it to do it.

When I said I was going to launch The Private Influencer Network, I said I wanted to launch on March 20, 2021, with 15 learning blogs; I launched with 6. Instead of pushing my date back or slapping some additional content up here for your viewing pleasure, I stayed consistent with what was MOST IMPORTANT, launching!

What is most important about your brand or business?

Answering that question can help you uncover what your next move will be.

Ok, now I will answer the question — How often should you post? Here is MY recommendation on how often you should post on social:

  • Instagram: In-feed- 4-6 times per week; Stories-daily at least 5-6 times per week

  • Twitter: Every damn day, if you want to grow. And not just one tweet; I am talking 3-5 minimum.

  • Facebook: I don't use Facebook, but research says 2x a day, 3x a week.

  • TikTok - I don't make Toks, but here is a great article to reference. But do watch + learn a lot from TikTok.

  • Pinterest - At least 5 pins per day, but no more than 10

  • YouTube - Whether it's 1x a week or 2x a month, YouTube is all about showing up on a particular day, consistently! Here is a great read that gives 21 tips

  • Snapchat - Do people use this for business or brand building? Anywhoo, the data says, you gotta always have something up on Snapchat. Sounds like a little too much for me.

  • Blog - At least once per week, but if you are only posting one blog post per week, that blog post better be so damn good. I mean, you better be giving away enough to make them come back again, and again, and again! I think a great method is to post twice per week, with one being longer-form content and the other being micro. This balances out a person's reading.

Who's ready to set their TREND goals??