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Web copy vs. Web content and our first ever Ask Me Anything! Plus, tips on how to overcome your business fears.

Writing is essential to any business. Today’s learning focuses on a major component of your business - web copy!

7 pages of web copy you need for your business

The work begins before your purchase that dot com and press publish. Do you have the right messaging and copy to explain your business, brand, or idea to your community?

Are you using your About pages the correct way?

How often are you pointing people to your contact page?

Do you have a sales page? Do you even know what a sales page is?

What about web content? Are you investing more time in that than your copy?

All of these questions and more are answered in this learning. Grab your notebook; this is a good one!


What is the biggest hurdle you are seeking to overcome?

Welcome to my first Q&A discussion thread! Once a month, a discussion thread will be available for subscribers to interact with me.

How it works:

I ask a question(s).

You respond, including any follow-up questions.

I will provide up to 2 responses per user.

Why join in on the discussion fun?

Because you are here to learn and grow, right?

Please take advantage of the Q&A threads when you see them; they will not always be available for all subscribers. 😉


4 Types of Fear that Will Keep You From Creating the Life You Desire 

Loss, failure, the unknown, and rejection will keep you from evolving into the entrepreneur or business owner of your dreams.

Learn how to kick these bad habits and start living in the space of clarity.

Happy Learning!