Don't force it

Thank you for your time and dedication. And most importantly, that you believed in me.

Hi friend!

Let me jump right into it and rip the bandaid off. Our time together has been wonderful, but it is coming to an end.

Over the last two months, I have been thinking very hard about my projects and realized that this newsletter is not bringing me joy as I thought it would.

When I first started rapidly growing an Instagram account, I had several people telling me I need to lean into that strength and expertise. Encouraging me to help others figure out how to do the same thing.

At first, I was totally against it. I am not a coach. I told myself I don’t have the patience to teach someone something that comes naturally to me. Things I don’t think twice about; others might have to think three and four times. I know myself. My patience is very slim with able-bodied capable thinking adults. I have high expectations. And I didn’t want to turn my hobby into something that felt like work.

So I said no.

Until one day, I said yes. Once I said yes, I never stopped saying yes. Opportunities kept coming left and right for me to help creators find their brand, voice, and even niche. I told myself I wouldn’t tie myself down to a monthly or weekly commitment with individuals or groups. I would only ad-hoc my expertise, answer initial questions, look over social profiles, and give my suggestions.

But people kept telling me how great I was at whatever I was doing. So I kept going.

I wrote an ebook that I sold on Etsy for $5 and made $500 in a couple of months.

I kept getting requests for updates and more information. So I wrote a second version of my eBook and sold this one for $10.

I thought my “coaching” journey would stop there, but it didn’t. I spent all my time combing through social media and reading books to keep my knowledge top tier. To stay the expert in something I did without the help of social media gurus or any books.

Then I reached 100,000 followers on Instagram, and I honestly felt a completely different shift. People were really paying attention, wanting more, more knowledge. Friends calling me an expert and a social media guru. When in fact, I am not doing anything out of the normal or going above and beyond.

I attended an amazing virtual conference in February that pushed me over the edge with my creative side. Instead of using that space to learn how to further BlackWifeLife’s brand, I used it to create a brand for myself, which is where I went wrong.

And that brings me to today. This is the final newsletter for The Private Influencer. I am closing this chapter.

Before dedicating hours each week to this newsletter, I was already an active writer. Sharing articles on, on Medium talking about random topics, and my passion for journaling. If you personally know me, my bi-monthly newsletter, Monday Lunch, brings out the best side of my creativity. And it’s the only thing that has been keeping my creative flame lit.

Once something begins to feel more like a daunting task than joy and excitement, it’s time to re-evaluate its purpose. I’ve been wrestling with this for months, trying not to make a hasty decision with those who have trusted and invested in my craft.

This project had a domino effect. Causing me to pull back and pause on BlackWifeLife. I just got so overwhelmed with everything that I decided I needed some time to myself. To not feel the pressure to deliver weekly blogs, newsletters, or Instagram posts. It became too much.

I want to say thank you to everyone who subscribed and trusted me to provide them with quality teachings to further your brand. For those who invested their money in my newsletter, THANK YOU. I leave you with a special gift that you can find here.

The articles on this website will be available for the remainder of 2021. Make sure you spend some time reading what you’ve missed. I share great insight, tips, and tools that will come in handy as you are building your social brand.

If you are interested in reading a fantastic book, check out The System is the Secret by James Karl Butler. You can thank me later.

I am not hanging up my hat on sharing social strategies, but this platform and time commitment don’t work. You can follow me on Twitter @jemiaane and on Medium @jemia to stay in touch and keep up.

If you are not on either platform, I highly suggest you join. Both Twitter & Medium taught me some of my most valuable creative lessons.

Goodbye for now, but I am sure we will see each other again soon.