Creating Meaningful Calls to Action in the Captions.

10 examples of how to direct your followers to interact with you in a meaningful and creative way.

Captions on Instagram are there for a few reasons. One big miss most make is not giving viewers and followers a call to action (CTA), which also be described as a question or action item.

You spent time creating this beautiful content to share, crafted a great story in the caption, but then you leave everyone hanging. Even if it’s relatable, not every story will cause someone to click the comment button to leave their sentiments with you. Sometimes you have to be specific and direct.

Not every caption requires a call to action, but if you noticed your comments are becoming a little light, you should consider adding one of these 10 CTAs in your next caption.

Remember, anytime you see words in [brackets], this is where you add your flare to the caption.

Tag a friend who would love [insert thing related to your caption/content]

  • Great for giveaways, AMAs, Q&A

Comment below if you’ve [registered/purchased/RSVP] for [insert event or item], so I can say thank you and follow up!

  • Awesome way to stay engaged with your audience and publicly recognize them for being a part of your community.

Bookmark this post, so you can reference it when it’s time to [take your trip, try the recipe, try the look, etc.].

  • Bookmarking is a great metric to keep track of. People save posts to revisit them later. They are more inclined to interact with it than those who do not save it.

Tag 3 friends and I will send you [insert free gift]

  • Are you running a contest? Do you have a freebie to share? One of the best ways to boost engagement is to have people tag others in your comments to enter to win.

Check out the link in my bio for a sneak peek of [insert what it is]

  • You need always to remind people where to learn or read more. Never assume they know the link is readily available in your bio. Also, make sure that your bio link is always up to date if you will point people there.

Drop a [insert emoji] below if you like to learn more about [insert topic]

  • This is a great way to gauge your audience to see what they want to hear more about. The best way to find out what they want to hear about is simply by asking.

After you read [listen/watch] my latest [newsletter/blog/podcast/YouTube] pop back and tell me your thoughts in the comments, I love hearing from you.

  • This is probably one of the hardest conversions to get. To have someone leave the platform to visit a website or email, return to leave you a comment. But people WILL do it if the content you are pointing them to is even better than what shows up on their timeline, or you are providing them with more or an exclusive value. You might have to say this line more than one time before you start to see results.

Using only emojis, tell me about your [day/week/weekend/month] plans.

  • A great way to end a caption that talks about what you are working on for the day/week/month. Learn what your audience is up to by creatively asking them to explain what they have going on.

Double tap if you can relate

  • People don’t ask for likes anymore. I don’t know why, but they don’t. You should, and you would be surprised how many people will actually follow directions just because you told them to.

In one word tell me how you feel about [insert topic related to content/caption]

  • A good way to get a ton of instant reactions in your comments, but instructing people to provide only one word. It will be hard for some individuals to respond in one word, and they will let you know that in more than one.

I shared my opinion about [insert topic] now I want to know yours. Please share with me in the comments what you think about [insert topic].

  • Get people talking about the topic that you are talking about. This is another way to find inspiration for a follow-up post. You can create content based on what others are talking about in your comments. If you always provide conversation starters, you will never run out of creative ideas.

Happy CTA’ing friends!