Don't look for a come-up, build one.

Learning how to further your reach with 4 simple Insta tips, 30-days of content planning and a few random holidays.

Today’s Learning

4 ways to further an Instagram post

There are four things every Instagram post needs when you are building an audience. Most people are doing THE most when pushing for engagement.

Exhibit A:

Are some of these pointing in the middle of the air while words pop on the screen reels cute? Maybe, but there are other ways, more specific ways to further your Instagram post without utilizing this random strategy.

Btw, I stand by my response. The day I do this, I am deleting all my social media, except Twitter.


30-days of content - why you need to do this every 7-9 months

The Instagram algorithm will always ebb and flow. If you marry the above learning with this 30-day content strategy, you will beat out the algorithm and grow your audience.

Inside this learning, I list five steps to planning 30-days of content + provide a 30-day content calendar that any brand can use to plan content.

Instagram worked for its application users up until 2016; after that, its users had to work to use the platform. The work was always there; it just has changed as each year progresses.


May National Holidays

Tomorrow is May! That brings a whole different set of random and not-so-random national holidays for us to talk about and share.

Did you see everyone hashtagging it up for #earthday this year? Engagement was through the roof for those socially conscious shares. What are you going to celebrate this month?

Here’s my list:

  • Mental Health Awareness Month

  • Recommitment Month

  • Moving Month

  • Mother’s day

  • Women’s Check-up Day

  • Be a millionaire Day

  • Roadtrip Day

  • Creativity Day

  • Smile Day

  • Memorial Day

The above national holidays can connect to either brand— The Private Influencer or BlackWifeLife®.

Happy Learning Friend!