Build an audience around the kind of person you are.

Hey Friend!

Welcome to week two of our seven-part caption template series. Here are the learning topics for the week:

Creating Meaningful Calls to Action 10 examples of how to direct your followers to interact with you in a meaningful and creative way.

Captions on Instagram are there for a few reasons. One big miss most make is not giving viewers and followers a call to action (CTA), which also be described as a question or action item.

Not every caption requires a call to action, but if you noticed your comments are becoming a little light, you should consider adding one of these 10 CTAs in your next caption.

Engagement Building Storytelling Ideas for your Instagram Captions — 14 storytelling ideas to get your Instagram captions on and popping.

Storytelling does not have to be something of the present day. You can reach back to moments in your life and journey to make relevant and relatable points.

Tip: Write the story first, then think about the image, video, or content that will fill in the gap.


We’ve also reached a new month, which means new national holidays! Check out July’s National holiday list. We are already two days into the month, but there is plenty of time to catch up and plan content.

Like the tweet says, build an audience around the kind of person you are, not for the niche that you think is trending. Chasing after something that is not natural will only make your content creation process harder and harder. The easiest way to build engagement and a solid community is to be yourself. And there is no better way to be yourself than to tell stories.

Have a wonderful weekend Friend. See you next Friday for part 3!