It's past 7am on Friday

Hi friend! Have you noticed something? It’s past 7am on a Friday. You are just now receiving an email from me.

And this email looks a little different.

We are in the middle of a seven-part, four-week caption template series, and today is supposed to be the final day of templates, and I am not prepared.

While I grappled between staying up super late last night or waking up at the crack of dawn to get the email out, I decided that it is OKAY to pause and take whatever time is needed.

When things start to feel rushed or forced, it’s time to take a step back and evaluate the purpose.

I felt both emotions. Rushed to deliver an email on time and forced to make sure it is perfect, even at the expense of my own personal time, well-being, or whatever else I have going on at the moment.

Give yourself a break when things feel out of whack, or you are stuck on a particular task or topic. And guess what, you don’t always have to share that you are stuck with the world [social media] either.

It is OK to slide back into the bushes and chill for a minute. If people value your opinion, expertise, content, knowledge, product, services, or whatever else you bring to the table, they will wait for you.

They will wait for you to drop that gem that you are cooking up because they know it will be worth every extra minute.

They will wait until you are whole so you can deliver your best work to them.

They will wait.

Let’s stop putting pressure on ourselves to overdeliver. Because if I had sent y’all the final caption templates today, you would have gotten mediocre content, and that’s not why we are here. That is not why I started The Private Influencer.

While this might not be the learning you were expecting today, I am sure you (or someone else in your network) needed to hear this message today.

See you next week.

And as a heads-up, the newsletter will be moving to bi-weekly.

xo, Jemia