7 Instagram caption templates to build connection through life challenges and experiences.

Creating engaging captions can be a challenge, but here are 7 ideas to get you going + supporting photo ideas and examples included from awesome content creators.

Every day we have experiences. Some are significant and impactful, others can cause mini-meltdowns, but they all provide us with lessons on moving forward.

No one wants to follow and engage with someone who is consistently singing, highlighting only the wins. There was a journey to the golden ticket. Everyone’s journey looks different. One journey could be 2-miles while another is 307-miles. A journey is a journey, and there is no better way to build connections and starting digital relationships than sharing your story.

Here are some templates to help you tell your story. Anytime you see words in [brackets], this is where you add your flare to the caption. But you can switch any words around to match your tone, audience, and life experiences. Nothing is set in stone; that is the beauty of content creation. It’s all about what you make it. These templates are here to help you get started.

Are you’re feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and a little out of whack with all that’s going on right now? Should you keep calm and carry on? Or should you follow the crowds and do what is working for everyone else?

I don’t have all the answers, and I’m not sure anyone does. But I want you to know that everyone has been here before, including me. In the last few days, I’ve been [speaking/reading/watching] with many [insert your industry something similar], and here are the top three takeaways that I hope will help you navigate through this time:

[1. You can and should keep going even if…]

[2. Ask your friends/family/audience/customers/community how you can help them achieve…}

[3. Take care of yourself first, and then take care of everyone else second. If you put more love into your brand and business than you do yourself, everyone is going to feel it.]

How do you pick yourself back up when you are going through a tough time? Share with me in the comments. I would love to learn more ideas.

Photo Idea: Do you have a picture of you walking or something with movement? Accompanying this caption with a photo of you looking directly into the lens head-on would be impactful, or an image of you walking through the city/neighborhood, etc.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like [giving up the diet, quitting your side hustle, going back to your day job].

I’ve had those days too. Don’t try to hide when things get TOUGH. Here’s what I do when everything feels like a gazillion pounds.

[in list form insert activities that you do to help you recharge and unwind. Examples: go for a run/walk, open a bottle of wine and curl up with a good book, group FaceTime calls, etc.]

What do you do when you feel like giving up? How do you turn things around? Share with me in the comments!

Photo Idea: Find a quote that speaks to not giving up. Use that as your image or lay it over top of a cute picture of yourself.

This past year has given me an entirely new meaning to personal space. Living with [a roommate, spouse, kids, parents, etc.] taught me the importance of having time for myself, even when we just lived through a year of isolation.

Time alone helps me recharge and focus on [my business, hobbies, brand building, fitness, etc.]

I’ve learned how to carve away at least one hour to myself every day by [waking up an hour early while the house is still sleeping, driving to a nearby park, actually taking my lunch break, soaking in the bath while listening to my favorite podcast, etc.]

If you are not being intentional about taking time for yourself, it’s time to get started. So how do you find time for yourself amidst a busy life schedule? Share with me in the comments.

Photo Idea: A picture of the space in your home that brings you joy or where you spend your quiet time. Going for a walk? Make a reel of the scenery during your walk. Got a new workout outfit? Take a mirror selfie.

I’ve been really invested in learning more about [insert skill/idea/hobby] this past month/year. Taking time away from my regular life scheduled program to focus on something new has really taught me a few things about myself.

[insert what you learned about yourself when you decided to step outside your comfort zone and focus on something new. Examples: Stopping and slowing down has shown me (insert feeling/emotion). I usually wake up and immediately start scrolling/answering emails, but now that I have begun (insert new habit), it’s changed the pace of my day, giving me more time and energy to…]

My goal is to focus only on what I can control. Leaving things and tasks that I am not good at to someone else. When my time and attention are pointed in the right direction, the results are out of this world.

What have you learned about yourself when focusing on a new skill?

Photo Idea: A picture of you in your workspace for the day. Did you decide to hang out at the local coffee shop or take yourself out to lunch? Remember, these pictures do not have to be current. Scroll through your photos and look for something that fits within the theme of your caption.

[Last week] was the most challenging week I’ve experienced thus far as an entrepreneur/creative/CEO.

[tell a story of something that happened unexpectedly, which made you have to pivot and think quick on your feet or something that knocked all the creative wind out of you, and you needed time to yourself to recharge.]

To pick myself back up, I shifted my focus from [insert an old habit/thought process] to [insert new way to thinking]. So why was I not doing this the entire time?? I guess there is a season or reason for everything.

What was one of the most challenging moments in your entrepreneur/creative/CEO journey? How did you get through it? Share with me in the comments.

Photo Idea: A picture of you relaxing— enjoying a quiet moment, reading a book— or something that picked you back up when your energy was low.

Here’s what life is really like running [insert the name of your business or the type of business/industry you are in]:

[in list form, share feelings/emotions/statements about being an entrepreneur/creative/CEO.]

[Examples: 1) There is no paid-time-off, and usually, my busiest times are right before I leave for a trip or vacation because I have to over-create to make sure my community is still getting their cup filled when I’m not physically present. 2) Sometimes, I run out of ideas, and I stare at my phone/computer with a blank stare. Eventually, the idea will spark when I take time away to recharge. 3) Delegating is hard, even though it is an essential part of the recipe. Even if you are a solopreneur, you can’t do it all by yourself. Hiring a virtual assistant has been my saving grace. Why did I not think of this sooner.]

Owning a business you’ve created from scratch is extremely rewarding, but there is a lot most don’t see. What is life like running your brand?

Photo Idea: A picture of you in your boss-mode element. An image of your workspace.

Do you know when it’s time to let go?

[Tell a story of a belief you no longer have, why you let it go, and what it means to you now. This doesn’t have to be deeply personal. It could be something lighthearted.]

[Examples: 1) I thought just because I live alone (or with no kids/spouse-only) that I did not need a cleaning service. I was wrong. One of the best things I have invested in was a deep cleaning service once a month… 2) I use to find joy in shopping the aisle at my local grocery store. Now, with my increased busy schedule, I’ve been taking advantage of grocery delivery service. It might cause a few dollars more, but the luxury of not having to leave my home during a crazy busy day or fight the crowds of the grocery store on the weekends has been a lifesaver.]

What are some of the smaller things in life you’ve let go of?

Photo Idea: Image of you in the kitchen cooking or putting away groceries. Create a 30-second reel that shows you picking up the delivered groceries from your front door and putting them away in the kitchen. A picture that tells the story of you telling go of something.

Did these 7 examples spark a content flame? You should be able to use these templates to help you brainstorm more stories to share.

Final tips:

  • Mix up the length of your captions. Don’t post back-to-back long-form captions. This could tire your audience out.

  • If you ask a question in your caption, be present to respond as comments come in. Don’t post an engaging question or story and disappear from the app. Make sure you respond to comments within a couple of hours.

  • Have fun! Put your own spin on the above templates. Remember, these are just ideas to get you started.

Happy Caption Writing.