4 ways to further an Instagram post

That do not included Reels, IGTV or the latest Insta challenge. Taking it back to the basics.

Here are the 4 things you need to have on each Instagram post as you grow your brand. Work to have at least 3 of the 4 in 80% of your shares until you reach a steady follower growth.

Location 📍

This is a huge missed opportunity for people as they build their brand. Instagram is one of the top apps used to find out more about a location. Adding a location to your photo now has furthered your reach.

When someone searches within that location’s tag, the chances of your post being seen (especially if it has a high engagement) have increased.

Think of it this way, visited a restaurant, tag the location, even if you post the picture the next day or 1 year later.

Note: Tagging the location in your IG stories also can help bring eyes to your content.

Hashtags #

Hashtags were created to help expand your reach. It's how people can attach their content to a topic.

Is your post about a #bulletjournal? Well, make sure you add the hashtag so others who like this content can see it as well.

Instagram also allows people to follow hashtags. You get 30 # to use on each post; when you are growing your following, use all 30, but mix them up. If you only use the same hashtags, the algorithm will notice, and so will you.


  • Your profile name also should be your dedicated hashtag, unless you have something else clever, catchy, and clear that you want to use.

  • Hashtags can also be used when sharing content to your IG stories. Select many hashtags and shrink them down small so no one can see them or hide them behind the image.

  • You can hire someone from Fiverr for as low as $5 to do hashtag research for you.

  • Hashtag blogs to check out - Oberlo, All Hashtag

Tags @

A tag is when you tag another Instagram profile in your photo, not in the caption or comments. People will use phrases like "tag your favorite..."; you will see people @'ing people in the comment, and do not get this confused with tagging someone in your photo.

Why do this? Expanding your reach, now you are sending a notification to another user alerting them of whatever you just shared. There is one more set of eyes on your content, even if they don't actually engage. It still counts.

Research profiles that are related to whatever you are sharing. Save these profiles, create a specific bookmark folder.

Sharing your latest recipe? Tag a few food bloggers or chefs. Just had a successful business meeting at a local coffee shop? Tag the business, who you met with, a few #boss or #entrepuerner themed accounts, etc.

Ensure you are tagging the right players on Instagram and not wasting your time with accounts that won’t help you grow.

Again don’t forget to use tags in IG stories.

Caption 💬

This is where the magic really happens on Instagram, in the caption. I grew my entire BlackWifeLife® brand because of my captions. A good caption can make or break the content you are sharing. This is how you stand out from the crowd and make people follow your account when they already follow similar accounts.

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Captions are for storytelling, updates, ah-ha's, announcements, and so much more. The easiest way to explain is to provide some examples.

Below are some ideas are to help you see how anything can be connected to your brand/business.

Food & Dining Ideas

  • Tell a funny or interesting story that happened while dining at that restaurant. It could be a current story or something that happened 10 years ago. Time really doesn’t matter on Instagram.

  • Create a narrative about how the food or restaurant makes you feel or what it reminds you of.

Travel Ideas

  • Posting a picture of your favorite hotel? Talk about the amazing service you got and maybe mention an employee's name as a shout-out.

  • Pictures outside of the airplane window? Include your favorite quote or recap a moment from your trip.

  • Beach photo? Talk about a moment in life you had clarity.

Love & Relationships

  • Selfie of you and bae? Don’t just talk about what you are doing. Instead, announce something that happened to either one of you. Share a small win from your life.

  • Engagement photo? Instead of just saying “I Said Yes,” tell us about the crazy day you had leading up to the surprise of your life.

  • Family photo? Give a shout-out to your latest follower. Maybe they’re number 1000! Shout them out and say thanks from your family.


  • Posting a beauty store dupe? Tell an inspirational story about a time you stepped outside your comfort zone.

  • Got a fresh cut? Talk about how loyalty is one of your favorite qualities in friendship.


  • Found a new plant for your home? Share how caring for plants has helped you develop patience. Repost a quote from another account that talks about growth.

  • Nice sunny day out? Or thunderstorms? Share how the weather is impacting your day, mood, or plans.

Professional Services - Coach, Legal, Therapist, etc.

  • Picked up a new book? Share why you are so excited about this and who recommended this and why? How does it relate to your services offered?

  • Holiday coming up? What sale can you run for business? Any holiday merchandise or specials?

  • Having lunch? Share an image of your beautifully plated meal and how your day is going so far? Did you land a new client, and this is a celebratory meal?

Posting on Instagram can be scary for some. I was a little scared initially, no lie, but once you realize that Instagram is really one huge static chat room, you will be good.

Your image is what grabs everyone's attention FIRST, so make sure it's good. And if not, no worries, there is always next time.