4 Types of Fear that Will Keep You From Creating the Life You Desire 打

Fear is the #1 reason people do not follow through on their goals + dreams. Here's how to spot it.

Here are the four reasons:

  1. Loss

  2. Failure

  3. Unknown

  4. Rejection


No one wants to lose at anything. Not money, time, a person, etc. Fear peeks in right as you are on the verge of discovering or creating something groundbreaking. Saying things like "this is too much money" or "such and such will never understand.


"You will never be able to do this." "Your ideas are not good enough." "Someone already does this better than I can."

The fear of failure is REAL. You cannot let failure stop you from designing the life you desire. Isn't that the reason why we make choices in life anyways? To build the life we desire. If you are not making decisions to build the life you desire, this is problem #1.


Who knows everything? Certainly not you or me. There is always going to be an unknown. Living in the unknown is tough and rewarding at the same time. It's how you handle living in the unknown that makes or breaks you.


Do you tell people No? If not, you better start.

Saying No is invigorating. You are either protecting your energy or sanity when you tell someone No.

How does it feel when someone tells you No?

Do you feel defeated, or are you still invigorated? Receiving No's should not defeat you; it should push you. Push you to understand why they said no.

Here are the warning signs.

Be on the lookout for these. Fear could be appearing soon.


The prequel to fear is often fatigue. You become too tired to do something, or you consistently put something off until the next day and the next day. This is not just procrastination or laziness; its a sign that you are fearful of what will happen next.

Fearful that if you keep working on this project, no one will ever see it. Or it won't make you any money, and you've already spent enough money.

And sometimes, we are even scared of the success it will bring. Asking ourselves, are we deserving? Hell yeah, you are deserving; it's your idea, right?

Talks of quitting

Quitting isn't as blatant as most think. Quitting can look like this "I am not going to launch this summer because I've got a big project at work" or "I am going to hold off on this until I get some more people interested. These are signs that you are preparing to quit. The actual words "I quit" or "I am not going to do this anymore" aren't coming out of your mouth exactly, but you are giving space to allow your idea or hard work to fizzle out unnoticed.

Fear is creeping in when we say things like this to ourselves.

Overprotection of failure

"It's ok if I don't sell X copies of my book" or "I only need 4 people to purchase to break-even". You are protecting yourself from failure because you are fearful. It should not be OK if you only sell X copies of your book, and you should be shooting higher than break-even.

Fear keeps you living in the status quo, only doing the bare minimum to succeed or make enough money to cover expenses. Let's stop making excuses for failures that we haven't even seen yet; it's stunting our growth.

You can shrink your fear by:

  1. Right thinking

    • Have your mind and heart in the right place. Eliminate "what if" from your vocabulary. There is no what if in your business; it's when.

    • The energy you put into being fearful needs to transform into faith. Have faith that your idea will be fruitful. You will hit your sales goal. You will burst through that threshold you set for yourself.

  2. Preparation

    • How are you preparing for every imaginable outcome? You need to have a plan A, B, C, D, E, and F. And if you have to get to F (hell even D), you did something wrong from the beginning.

    • There should be no reason that when you launch a product or service that emails are not being automated, or the product isn't shipped out on time.

    • Are you preparing for customers to complain about their experience or the product? Do you have respectful responses and a solution ready when someone is unsatisfied with their purchase? Are your hours of operations visible on your website? Yes, this goes for your online-based business as well. It would be best if you gave people an expectation of when they will hear back from you.

  3. Redirecting

    • How do you center your mind when things are going awry?

    • When fear is overriding your goals and vision, how do you climb down that tree? As a creative, entrepreneur, business owner, or whatever, you need to have some way to re-center yourself when things get spicy; because it will happen, and it will happen often. Sometimes the spice is also self-inflicted.

    • Mantras, Affirmations, meditations, walk around the neighborhood, hot bath, a cup of hot tea, deep breaths these are easy ways to get your mind back on track because a spazzed out mind is no good for any business.