Here are your next 16 Twitter threads + tips

Sometimes you need more than 280 characters to get your point across. But do you even know what to thread about? This will help.

Twitter threads allow you to open up and show your audience more of you, your personality, expertise, resources, and more.

You can tell personal stories, connect with followers, share tips and even clips.

Twitter threads are easy ways to get engagement; engagement can turn into followers.

Use threads in moderation, especially if you are a Twitter account with less than 1000 followers. I currently have ~630 followers, and I use threads 1-3x per week.

I’ve been studying Twitter threads for almost 9 months. Here’s what I’ve learned from some of the best.

  1. Make each tweet a standalone message. Someone should tweet the 5th tweet in a thread, and it makes sense to someone who didn’t read the first five.

  2. Limit the number of personal stories you share if the story can’t be RT’ed in small doses. See point #1

  3. Strategically place cliffhangers throughout your thread. You want people to keep scrolling.

  4. If it can’t be at least 5 tweets, it’s not a thread

  5. Your first tweet is an intro to the entire thread, NOT the first point of the thread.

  6. Write in short sentences and utilize your enter [return] key. The spaces are good.

  7. Your final tweet should always be a CTA (Call to Action).

Now that we’ve covered some tips, here are 16 ideas for your next thread.

Your story

  • Think, who, what, why.

  • Creating something new? Take people on your journey that got you there.

Week or weekend plans

  • Have a life hack that makes your week or weekend run smoothly? Share it in a story and how you discovered it.

  • A big project coming up? Share how you prepared for it.

  • Funny story from the week? Tell it.

TV show, documentary, or series you learn from

  • I watched Fake Famous on HBO, and I learned a ton of the fake game of Influencing. Instead of randomly tweeting about the show, I will strategically share how this can connect back to my brand. What show could you do this with?

  • There is more than just tweeting the show's name; there needs to be a why behind it.

A snippet of your content

  • Have a blog, youtube, podcast, or dope IG. Share a highlight reel of your most engaging content.

A beneficial article

  • Instead of using the embedded Twitter share button to share something you just read, take a moment and pull 3-5 quotes (or screenshots) from this article and share it in a thread.

A time you failed at something

  • Everyone experiences failure, but most don’t tell the whole story. What did you fail at and why? What took you off your game, or what misstep did you have. Did you not listen to some sound advice that you wish you did. There are at least 5 tweets here.

A success story

  • Similar to sharing failures, when we share successes, often we leave out how we got there. There is beauty in the details, so don’t leave them out.

  • This story needs to be celebrated and shared often. One time isn’t good enough, your hard work needs to be noticed, and you are the one to let people know about it.

Your productivity routine

  • Great at keeping your emails or desktop organized? Share your process.

  • Great at time blocking on your calendar? Or a great web clipping or notetaking system, tell us how to do it.

The next BIG thing

  • This could be as simple as your next blog post or your no-code website.

  • Are you designing merch? Maybe you are cooking up the next recipe for your cookbook.

  • Share the next big thing that is coming out from you or your brand. Tell the story of how you got there.

Your favorite Twitter friends

  • We all have Twitter besties, tag them and share why you love following them. If you write this good enough, an RT can follow, which increases your engagement.

Why you love Twitter

  • Do you love Twitter over other platforms? Share why.


  • Have a goal you want to achieve? Tweet it, then bookmark it.

  • When it comes to fruition, retweet this with how you accomplished your goal.

Ask for suggestions or recommendations

  • Need a new book to read? Ask Twitter in the first tweet, and then share some of your favorite reads in the following.

Share an exclusive or a freebie

  • Have a free download, or is the latest free issue of your newsletter available? Share this, but build up the suspense with every tweet. Share the link in the last tweet. Freebies should never be shared in one tweet.

Content from another social media account

  • Do you have a favorite creative that is not on Twitter? Share their content and why you love it.

And finally, share this post and what you learned!

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